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We are strong in drafting and prosecuting of patent applications of invention, utility model and design.

Our patent attorneys have considerable experience in representing many domestic and foreign clients in patent application, invalidation trials and enforcement. They are recognized by our clients as having specific expertise in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of electronics, image processing, information processing, communications technology, semiconductors, physics, computer and network technology, mechanics and material science.

2. Our attorneys listen carefully what inventors say about their inventions.

A client cannot be satisfied if their demands are not understood precisely. Our patent attorneys get involved in inventions from the very early development stage to make them better able to draft a high quality patent specification and process it in a timely way.

3.We pay special attention to the translation quality of patent application.

In our firm, patent attorneys and patent engineers who have science or technical background handle translation of patent applications. These people are professional translators who understand that an error in the translation of a technical term could very often result in an irreparable injury to the patent right. To avoid this, our in-house guideline is that translators should communicate on a regular basis with the patent attorney who is in charge of the patent application. If a technical term or expression is difficult to understand, we confirm it with our client. And, no matter how urgent the work is, we will meet the deadline and deliver the work on time as promised.

4. We are competitive in terms of cost.

We understand that cost is sometimes the issue that concerns our clients the most. While we are determined to deliver our work in a manner of high quality and high efficiency, we are always willing to consider the practical concerns of our clients and make every effort to work cooperatively with our clients to reduce cost without sacrificing quality.

5. We have a reliable deadline management system.

We use a streamlined check system and state-of-the-art computer system to ensure that all deadlines are promptly monitored and clients’ instructions are performed on schedule. Under the leadership of our partners, the experienced administrative staff carefully manage all time limits, including filing of patent applications, responding to office actions, issuing of patent rights and annuity payment. Any special request by a client will be carefully recorded in our client database and be strictly followed by our attorneys. At the same time, we work closely with our associates abroad to make sure all important deadlines are met and reported to our clients on time.

6. We invest constantly in building a sound safety management.

We understand every correspondence with our clients and each piece of information received from our clients shall be kept confidentially. We have worked out a safety management procedure to safeguard any important data that clients entrust with us. We also invest constantly in updating our computer equipment so that our clients’ interests are best protected.



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